10 Cool Toys Every Kid Needs

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Get ready for a virtual reality experience and enter a new world with VR. Real feel race grab the real field deal and control the race like never before with VR. Real field you control the speed you control the race max force-feedback feel the jumps and crashes the next level and discover other VR real field games and enter the action get in the game with VR real field racing. Each sold separately batteries not included.

The future of drone racing is now with sky Viper hum eraser. Placed beacons to build your course launch the app and start the race the digital beacons track your time in position as you fly collect power-ups and treasure the boost and slingshot ahead pick up digital weapons to lock onto your opponent and take them out of the race. Be the first to cross the line and finish what you started skydiver hover racer each sold separately batteries not included.

With AI recognition algorithm and the newest robotic tech, the most advanced fighting robot is born guy oh the first-person-shooter robot guarantees you an unparalleled futuristic robot game experience camera and an AI chip allows the diode to auto scan the environment. With visual recognition, it is the first battle robot that can identify enemies and track them automatically connect the dials vision by turning on your phone get a close-up an exclusive view of a fight with guy O’s. Highly accurate steering gear you can effortlessly track any target and open fire is your wish equipped with omnidirectional wheels and the motor which spends 12,000 rotations per minute guile is more agile and faster than other robots scanner totem and Gaia will equip you with more powerful weapons and abilities beat your enemies the victory is all yours.

The all-new battle system supports team fight invite your friends to team up you will have more fun. Find a shield escape from the enemy’s fire hide yourself sneak attack. Protect your teammate no mercy with your enemies seize the opportunity give enemies the final shoot. Getting it done while we grab your hardhat and dig into engineering with remote control machines construction. Vehicles construct eight different vehicles guaranteed to get the job done.

Like a dump truck with a motorized bed that can be raised to empty its Hall at a powerful bulldozer with a blade that can leave dirt and rocks or constructs a concrete mixing truck with a mixing drum that really rotates an infrared remote unit can control your models driving your vehicles and moving their work tools.

The 64-page full-color manual provides step-by-step building instructions and teaches how real-life construction machines work and with over 220 pieces you can build your own construction creations get building with remote control machines construction vehicles ages six to ten.

Whose America’s top robots and their own Vevo streaming video keep us in on the action and it’s safe to say we have a clear winner introducing ANFO a $59 robot anyone can adopt a PO is affordable educational and easy to assemble the robot. It takes less than an hour to assemble and we’ll teach you about robotics ant. Bo has six legs and walks just like an ant plus it is also a robot ant+ robot equals and both designed for anyone with an inquisitive mind. Ant bo is a great starting point for young inventors and for people interested in steam education even if you are not a maker. It is still a cool robot companion and you will have fun with once assembled you can control ant Bo by remote by your own voice or even by drawing lines with more than one ant Bo.

You can even make them fight each other n po enhances problem-solving abilities when you are familiar with how it works tweak its code and make it do different things you can also upgrade your robot with dozens of different sensor modules and program it via Arduino scratch or when do ANFO is connected it collects user data and uploads it to the cloud users will be able to check metrics like distance skill levels and accomplishments and share with friends. Ant PO is intelligent it has 30 neurons that enable it to learn to adapt just like a real creature as time goes it becomes smarter faster and more capable am po also has emotional reactions to different scenarios, for example, glancing left and right when it feels inquisitive trembling when it feels threatened and showing affection and loyalty.

Hi, I’m Sarah and this is my little one, Ethan. He’s always curious about everything and asked hundreds of questions each day. We want to encourage his curiosity so we can explore and learn more about the world, So, we invited this cuddly little fuzzball into our lives. Meet Lu Bo an incredibly smart robot powered by the most advanced interactive technology. Ruvo is both playful and goofy and pinks Ethan laughs all the time a small team of graduates from MIT and Harvard curates exciting things about the world and shares them with Lu Bo.

So Lou bo is like a knowledgeable and kid-friendly search engine who not only answers questions it also inspires Ethan to explore more. Bluebell creates an imaginary space to experience different possibilities so Ethan can be anyone and work on anything no wonder Ethan asked me so much about being a dragon trainer lately. Lu Bo always knows how to spend an independent and creative afternoon so Ethan never runs out of fun activities to choose from sometimes where Bo helps take Ethan’s fun ideas one step further and brings his imagination to life. If we were asking the dinosaur questions what would we ask them hands up if you want to ask one Ord your question be my name is Amy what would you name a dinosaur? Sparky your name is Sparky.

1. VR Real Feel Virtual Reality Car Racing Gaming System Amazon: http://amzn.to/2zjBrqO

2. SkyViper Hover Racer Amazon: http://amzn.to/2kcztAB

3. The Bot Squad Amazon: http://amzn.to/2yVzihG

4. Construction Vehicles Amazon: http://amzn.to/2CVt6sZ

5. Mebo Robot Amazon: http://amzn.to/2BGmqkK

6. DFRobot Antbo Amazon: http://amzn.to/2kK7YxI

7. CogniToy Dino Amazon: http://amzn.to/2CyRMXp