Fidget Spinner – Hand Spinner Fidget Toy Tips & Tricks

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Hey, guys, my name is Keegan from Pocket Fidget and I want to give you some tips and tricks on how to use a fidget spinner this is the Triune Spinner by Pocket Fidget and we’re going to use it today in this demonstration. The most basic move for a fidget spinner is to spin it on a table and it’s simply placing it on a table top using your index finger to hold the spinner in place and then your other index finger to give it a spin. With a hybrid ceramic bearing in this Triune Spinner you can see that it will spin quite well it could spin up to 2 minutes worth of time You could also see that it’s not wobbling around or moving and that’s a sign of a great spinner.

But that’s probably not why you bought a fidget spinner you probably bought a fidget spinner so that you could fidget with it at work to get rid of some anxiety some ADD, ADHD to help you in that And you can do that by using your thumb and index finger and placing them on the top and bottom center caps of the spinner The easiest way would be to use your other hand to spin the spinner simply like this But the best way, so you can get some work done is to use your thumb and index finger again on the center caps and then wedge your middle finger between the bearings on the tri spinner Give it a flick like that and you’ll see that it spins But you can stop it with your middle finger, flip it around Just continue to fidget with it all day long But if you’re just having some fun with it, you might take your thumb and your middle finger place it on the caps then your index finger to give it a good spin and you can attempt to try to edge it from hand to hand that’s not too difficult if you put your fingers on the outer circle of the center cap but then you might want to try to toss it from hand to hand gets a little more difficult I’ve seen some guys on YouTube passing it pretty far and it looks pretty exciting Pocket Fidget is going to launch the Triune Spinner here in just a little bit and we want to get it into your hands and so if you visit our website pocketfidget.com and give us your email, we’re going to send you a coupon code to get this fidget spinner for only a dollar so don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on the latest toy for 2017 that could possibly help you through your work day we’ll see you soon

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