Nerf Elite Hyperfire Unboxing, Review, & Firing Test

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What up bros? My name is Frank. This is a video review of the Nerf Elite Hyperfine. This blaster is a magazine fed, fully-automatic and is flywheel powered. Very comparable to the Nerf Rapidstrike. All that fuss and nothing is even in there. Bummer. Tactical cat not included. Round drum magazine the instructions in a few more freely darts the hyper fire runs on 4 d style batteries which our house back here after loosening the screws this train will pop off allowing you to insert the battery here.

Let’s go to the feature operation firing in a bit more detail starting up in the front it is worth noting this blaster does not have an inch strike nozzle so you cannot put on front barrel attachment up here is an inch strike a cool rail it is worth noting this is the only tactical rail on this blasters down here. It’s a little grip or a handhold nothing moves in and out or pumps or anything like that. It’s just some place to rest your hand so the attachment point here and if you have a larger sling mount you could put one right here as well right here. The magazine well inside of which I have a 25 round drum magazine this was included with the blaster from my firing cast.

I have no issues with this magazine I did have quite a few issues with the Rhino fire 25 round drums which is like identical in design but this one didn’t aim and fire just fine in my tests in terms of removing magazine is similar to any other Nerf blaster. The magazine release is a little bit unique though and that’s because it’s not really designed to be used with your off hand it at all when firing you simply extend your middle finger to activate it and pull down the magazine. Other blasters of the past like the strife and rapid straight can be activated with your firing hand but they can also be used with your off hand this one because of the hand hold it would be difficult to get your off hand kinda in there but the tiny little movement from here to there isn’t much.

So even if you have very very small hands you’ll be able to manage no matter what up top is the access door to unlock it you strike the little orange button and then lift up this also exposes the feeding neck which is definitely unique. The rapid strike which is also fully automatic uses a very different feeding back. The rapid strike has a little pusher mac with a list little poking stick that just goes pop up and keeps pushing from the rear the darts into the flywheels.

Hyper fire has something of a conveyor belt that rotates on top like this and then groups the top of that art and flings it into the flywheels shutting the access door. You just push it down but then you definitely lock it back with a blaster won’t actually fire moving to the trigger unit this one is the red trigger that makes the flywheels read off like that. This button here is again the magazine release which I already covered and then obviously the primary fires that darts this blaster does not have a mechanically or electronically controlled semi-automatic mode. Is full auto only mean you can’t crisply shoot off just one at a time so you kind of just hold down the trigger and go or you don’t the grip region is very small in pretty cramped.

I feel like this grip would be more appropriate in the ravel line if you need an analog there the bottom portion is pretty small in this thumb hole stock is very little to it feels very tight and cramped and uncomfortable due to this little ledge here or the the thumb hole stock concept there have been some whole stocks. In the past from nerf that I felt were very comfortable this one not so much and I realize a lot of guys are like Oh coupe you’re an adult you’re 24 of course it’s not gonna fit you it’s designed for children.

I do have long hands but I don’t have wider fat hands I have pretty thin hands and I mean come on look at this right here that it that is small that that’s small and cramped. Some whole stocks are generally comfortable if you hold them perfectly exactly how they’re supposed to be held but then if you want to have a weird shot and move around a little bit. This guy just rams into the palm of your hand it’s irritating and moving back to the stock. This little orange piece it looks cool but it doesn’t have like a function to point out and then sling mounts back here and here.

I already covered this is the battery tray in here so you remove these screws you pop off the plate and you throw in the batteries and is a flywheel blaster this blaster does not operate without those batteries. If you don’t put them in you can’t shoot it at all. Operating a hyper fire is similar to any other nerf blasters. You load up the magazine put it in so many of batteries in you wrap up and then you fire. Firing footage right here yeah firing hyper fire is definitely really fun hasbro advertises it as the fastest rate of fire blaster out there and i can see that. I put it up on the chronograph and I’m getting achieved average of about seventy four feet per second which is a little bit above average.

The elite average have referencing is about 70 feet per second a few feet per second here there isn’t really a game changer but it’s always better to be faster than slow right gotta go fast some details that don’t really show up on the paper specifications or in videos. Like for you guys I’m trying to articulate how it feels to fire this plaster it feels a lot smoother than the rapid strike a little conveyor belt system. I feel feels smoother when I’m pulling the trigger it doesn’t seem like something jolting you in roughly around like the rapid strike the rapid strike.

When I’m firing it doesn’t feel noise earring or anything but the hyper fire by comparison now makes the rapid strike feel a little bit noisy. Not like it’s vibrating out of control or anything but the hyper fire does feel a little bit smoother. In the flywheels in this hyper fire blaster are unique they are kind of offset and tilt that they aren’t like traditional parallel flywheel systems what that does to the dart is puts it on as something of a little spiral.

So if you’ve noticed the groups in the firing test eight groups much tighter than all other flywheel. Last years that I’ve shot but that helps for the performance and grouping tighter which is always better nerf elite darts generally suffered in accuracy and now you’re gripping tighter which is fantastic. Back to the conveyor about feeding system it is cool I like it. I like the potential just a ramp it up for the rate of fire however I did have a few feeding issues when I used older war nap darts because it grips the top of the art and sort of pushes it along because it’s like a conveyor belt.

Not like a pushing neck if you have any difference in the with like flat darts that are have been stepped on a little worn out the conveyor belt can jam on them and that happened a number of times. I do tests extensively with new and really good condition darts but then I also like to filter and old ones. Just to say hey how is this going to fight her when I don’t have news awesome darts anymore and that was really unfortunate to see a jam.

Those darts fed just fine for my rapid strike because again it’s pushing through the back so it’s not as picky when it’s just pushing on the back it’s going to feed any dark pretty much if you’re using darts that are in reasonably good condition. You’re not going to experience any issues I’m just pointing it out because I’m sure everybody eventually gets to the bottom of the darkened and those are the dart steps are awful.

Everybody does it I have a whole bunch of those and I would like to be able to shoot him so getting to my overall opinion on the hyper fire over all the performances nice. I really like the groupings um because of the new flywheel design the conveyor belt thing is cool it definitely sounds more quiet and smoother and it feels better to fire based on vibration but this done stock for me is kind of a deal breaker.

I don’t really like holding this blaster it feels really weird it doesn’t have any tactical rails other than this one so you can’t put on other stuff you can’t put on a cool front attachment. They’re really shooting for kind of like an alien style blast you’re here you’re supposed to just take it out of the box and use it and not really customize it. If that’s your thing the hyper fire might be great and even better than the rapid straight. I like to put on all sorts of stupid tacticool nonsense and I like the more traditional feel of the rapid strike.

This thumbhole stock is just restrictive and it makes it unwieldy and sort of cumbersome I think it’s fair to say objectively that the hyper fire has superior performance to the rapid strike. In a modified form but even with that it would be hard to use this for it extended amount of time because that’s just kind of uncomfortable in the balancing and waiting. Is just a little bit weird I recommend if you’re super tight on budget and you want to be confident in your purchase hold one first if you hold it you love it go for it absolutely because I think this is a better pick than the rapid strike in pure performance.

If you’re not a modern but if you pick it up and you’re just like this is a little awkward and make sure the batteries are in the blaster because it adds weight and definitely changes the balance 4d batteries are heavy and if you still like at us a little bit weird maybe go with the rapid strength other than a few gems. I already mentioned with really worn out crappy darts. I didn’t have any issues with this blaster the magazine fed just fine the blaster shoots really well in groups really well in the velocity is slightly above average.

So overall on paper it’s a great blaster so yeah super indecisive unclear vague conclusion. I’m sorry that’s the best I can provide this is a a quirky blaster I will leave a purchase link to the hyper fire in the description box. When it becomes available please note this was a leak blaster this was not supposed to be a pre-release this should be the final version but it was a leak blaster it’s not supposed to be on the market right now. Thank you very much if you guys are in the Chicago area check out his facebook group. If you want to fling foam but that’s super awesome of him to let me use it unfortunately that does mean I will not be modifying this. We’re having anything beyond that because I’m sending this back to him tomorrow. So that concludes the review thanks so much for watching and as always stay tacticool