Nerf Rhino Fire N-Strike Elite Blaster – Unboxing and Review!

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AGGGGGGGGGG!!!! just kidding welcome back to another video on another random channel. I’m your host RJ and I have two brothers every year birthdays come around and this year we’re in our thirties it was a little difficult to figure out what to buy my brother for his birthday. So about a subtly as a bag of hammers, he dropped the hint that he would like some nerf look at this thing we’re gonna unbox this because like any good brother you don’t want to give them something that’s incomplete you just don’t.

I need to make sure it works since you know what I have to send it back and this is just easier than a gift serve like difficult or receipt or whatever and open the box happy birthday Ryan, by the way, comments below everybody wish him a happy birthday. What we are here we got motorized double-barrel domination really XD fires up to 90 feet get this thing is mean and that does take battery 66 d cell batteries also some batteries in here.

Ryan so that you know to make up for opening this up and get some tripod legs here you know so you can desk mount this and just keep it at the ready for your office warfare games to drums and includes 50 darts. Will dig into that horse on the back it says a motorized rapid-fire blasting removable tripod alternating double burrows haha back so it probably sounds like a machine gun like pack enough talking to get into this want to see what’s in the box.

Pull this out beasts as with any good unboxing and test we’re gonna have to set this up and shoot this if that’s really what you’re interested in bed to the end of the video and check it out there all right inside it looks like we’ve got us a whole bunch of stuff. We’ve got one of the drums looks like a tripod here who this, yeah and then, of course, you got your pack of darts your the drum there it is altogether one piece boom is where drums go both sides there it’s like they just snap in there is a nice little patch of the top.

Clear any jams and heat of combat and make sure you have that perfect what we got here we got our two drums yeah it’s not bad boy out see here on the inside this little like to see things and of course the top got this please go in like that into the gun darts course plus all the tripod here foo who check this out. Shh, right spring loaded ready to rock and roll and then you’ve got you see here at the top there’s a quick release so that’s probably where the gun clamps into the top and spring load that out.

So if we split that into place and have it on oh snaps they’re aliens alright then, of course, these just go right to stop here and catch can do then he goes the top on this side. Actually, that adds a bit of balance to it test it out yeah that’s it that’s all that’s in the box. Check it out so I say this was going to my brother first birthday you can come get, it Ryan. Okay okay so we’re gonna remove it from the thing we’re flipping over looks like this is where your batteries go.

So I need a screwdriver another one just like that, of course, takes he batter ease like that q kills it has a safety can’t fire it without darts in it and we need to fix that no problem lickety-split here get some of these darts. Looks like you just light them in and then push it down to be losses that so 22 those put it in right are still so manly. Remove the tripod just really cabin so it has a little bit of a delay getting started but once you wrap it up it’s kind of like you play video games.

You playing the games with the chain gun character yet sometimes it takes a while for the first person or for that chain gun just like start ramping up and that’s kind of the way this is. You kind of hear it so aside from that let’s get it on the range and see what kind of damage it does. All right there you have it the Rhino fire elite by nerve yeah not a bad little piece especially if you’re a collector or you just want something that is more of a chain gun style machine gun style something along those lines.

The capacity of the drums you have 50 shots in the whole thing so you know that does actually have a little bit of lasting power to it a little bit more than I was expecting from this. I was kind of expecting to show the faster a little bit more of like a machine gun popping kind of situation there but the action in the barrels and then once it does get rolling and just sorry it starts laying down a spray of bullets. It’s kind of cool so yeah definitely uh I’m sorry definitely something that is going to be a great addition to our brother’s nerve collection.

Want to see about getting one of my own Alright so that’s it they need to reload my drums will see you guys in the next video remember you can check out anything that is here in the links down below. We’re gonna be doing some more of these videos maybe some other product stuff along those lines. If you liked the video please go ahead and crush the like button for me and go and leave a comment down below let me know if you have one of these what you think about it.

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