Nerf War: Gun BABY 6!

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Brand new Nerf Gun What a great addition To the Nerf Gun room No No Payback time No no no No Payback time You shot me I froze you We’re friends now we’re even right No. Wait! Stop! Stop! Wait! No no Baby Gun Open this door right now Hello? What up? Where are you I need your help. Tommy not home, Tommy go to Philippines I’m locked in the Nerf Arsenal Room I’m bleeding to death That’s too bad… Tommy! Hello! Damn you. Hello? I know that you and your brother don’t listen to my instructions. And Gun Baby out smarts everyone in this family. All of us. A baby is smarter than all of us. He is. Listen, I’m locked in the Nerf Arsenal room I’m bleeding to death I need you and your brother To go find Baby Gun, ok Find him Capture him Then come down here and unlock these doors I’m locked inside.

Ok. Be careful, he’s armed to the teeth. And he’s not going to go down without a fight. And by that I mean Nerf War but be fast cuz I’m bleeding to death, I need help. Alright, two things. First I got to stop this bleeding Secondly I might as well use this time wisely And make another Nerf Custom Gun Mod Be very quiet. Go. Go check the kitchen, I’ll check the bathroom and his playroom. Ok. What was that?? That’s him he got a Nerf Gatling Gun.

Great. We need Nerf Guns to fight back. Yes I got a Nerf Gun here I’m going to use it. This is not a modded Nerf Gun! Well there is no Nerf Guns here! What do we do? I don’t know! Oh no, he’s coming! I’m calling Dad. Yes. We’re in trouble he’s shooting at us! I hid the Nerf Freeze Gun in the bottom part of the oven. Grab it, its the only weapon we have against him. How do we know its moded? I don’t know, try it out! Nice Good no go that way. I’m going to distract him You Freeze him, don’t miss.

Ok. Hey! Nice shot bro, now lets get him up to the room! Ice Ice Baby. I don’t hear anymore gun fire… Did the Nerf War end? Maybe, Lets see… He’s frozen in the room Good job Very good job. Now come downstairs and free me up. And guys, make sure you subscribe for more Gun Baby videos like this one. Yeah, subscribe. And if you’re already subscribed Make sure you click that like button. Yeah smash it. And make sure you let us know in the comments which Nerf weapon we should use against Gun Baby next. He’s going to be angry when he unFreezes. Yeah we better get out of here. Hello. Someone. Anyone. They all forgot about me. I’m hungry, I’m scared.

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