Nerf War Master

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Nerf War Master Oh yeah Ok now Where do I put it? Right over here. Just like that Perfect! Now… Yes That’s a perfect spot Awww yeah baby Time to setup up shop Ohh mommmas Ohhh come to poppa baby Damn it Damn it Did you just shoot… my PIZZA??

Wait! It was an accident I meant to shoot you man! You shot my pizza! YOU’RE DEAD! They didn’t specify the distance with this thing I don’t know the range that it covers NERF! Why didn’t you put this on the box! Your aim still sucks Even with your new stupid Nerf Gun. Nobody shoots an innocent Pizza On my watch Ohh Nerf I hate you so bad. This gun is not even accurate past 10 feet. Maybe just maybe I’ll have better luck with this nerf gun.

I’m hungry And I need to take my pizza to the hospital Yes That’s my Pizza hand Looks like Danny got his aim back With the nerf rifle yes I love you Nerf! Yeah, two for two! Alright Danny Where do you hide them? Where do you hide? Your nerdy little nerf toy guns I know you got them somewhere! Give up Tommy You’re bleeding You’re wounded Its over man Its all over Come on! Why is there honey??? In the Bathroom?? Ohh, there it is That’s where you hide it (Nerf Guns)

Ohhh mommies I got you on your toes little nOOb Now where are you? Just got to Finnish you off now Where are you hiding? You done good Danny Boy You done good this time! Where are you hiding? Ohhh I’m not hiding Danny I’m right here No Not my master piece Ohh yes Its mine now I must say its pretty scary looking It looks good (nerf gun) It looks real good on me But not as good as my Pizza before you shot it! I hit the box! Unos Wait! Dues Wait! Look over there! A flying Pizza man!! Threesos! PIZZAAA Subscribe now If you love pizza as much as I do And click like If you think Danny Gun got what he deserves baby! Nerf War Master

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